// Create a Stripe client. // Note: this merchant has been set up for demo purposes. var stripe = Stripe('pk_test_6pRNASCoBOKtIshFeQd4XMUh'); // Create an instance of Elements. var elements = stripe.elements(); // Custom styling can be passed to options when creating an Element. // (Note that this demo uses a wider set of styles than the guide below.) var style = { base: { color: '#32325d', fontFamily: '-apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif', fontSmoothing: 'antialiased', fontSize: '16px', '::placeholder': { color: '#aab7c4' }, ':-webkit-autofill': { color: '#32325d', }, }, invalid: { color: '#fa755a', iconColor: '#fa755a', ':-webkit-autofill': { color: '#fa755a', }, } }; // Create an instance of the iban Element. var iban = elements.create('iban', { style: style, supportedCountries: ['SEPA'], }); // Add an instance of the iban Element into the `iban-element`
. iban.mount('#iban-element'); var errorMessage = document.getElementById('error-message'); var bankName = document.getElementById('bank-name'); iban.on('change', function(event) { // Handle real-time validation errors from the iban Element. if (event.error) { errorMessage.textContent = event.error.message; errorMessage.classList.add('visible'); } else { errorMessage.classList.remove('visible'); } // Display bank name corresponding to IBAN, if available. if (event.bankName) { bankName.textContent = event.bankName; bankName.classList.add('visible'); } else { bankName.classList.remove('visible'); } }); // Handle form submission. var form = document.getElementById('payment-form'); form.addEventListener('submit', function(event) { event.preventDefault(); showLoading(); var sourceData = { type: 'sepa_debit', currency: 'eur', owner: { name: document.querySelector('input[name="name"]').value, email: document.querySelector('input[name="email"]').value, }, mandate: { // Automatically send a mandate notification email to your customer // once the source is charged. notification_method: 'email', } }; // Call `stripe.createSource` with the iban Element and additional options. stripe.createSource(iban, sourceData).then(function(result) { if (result.error) { // Inform the customer that there was an error. errorMessage.textContent = result.error.message; errorMessage.classList.add('visible'); stopLoading(); } else { // Send the Source to your server to create a charge. errorMessage.classList.remove('visible'); stripeSourceHandler(result.source); } }); }); testwp – AURA CONSULTING


Para hacer pruebas básicas

By providing your IBAN and confirming this payment, you are
authorizing RGPDSeguridad and Stripe, our payment service
provider, to send instructions to your bank to debit your account and
your bank to debit your account in accordance with those instructions.
You are entitled to a refund from your bank under the terms and
conditions of your agreement with your bank. A refund must be claimed
within 8 weeks starting from the date on which your account was debited.
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